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Mancon Engineering & Construction Management is a subsidiary of Mancon Group. It acts as a complete partner with all its clients as it executes their projects and takes charge of every small detail regardless the nature of the project. Mancon handles all the activities concerning the execution stages bearing in mind quality control and the standards that it should comply with for all its projects. There are hundreds of active contractors and construction companies who will always execute a good project, but when it comes to a complete job, Mancon settles for distinction. Mancon fully utilizes its experience in the long term maintenance of numerous existing projects as it works on minimizing operation expenses and ensuring the highest level of quality. Furthermore, Mancon Engineering & Construction Management has its own strong and well experienced Design, Project Management and Technical offices under its sister company’s umbrella, Mancon Consultancy & Project Management that are very useful in supporting the construction and execution phases of all its projects

All the above mentioned competencies enhanced Mancon in spreading and diversifying its execution activities to various projects; for example, industrial projects, civil works, gas stations, remodeling and architectural works of beauty etc…



17 June

New Dubai Office

Mancon Consultancy & Project Management JLT, one of Mancon Group's sister companies launched in Dubai December 2013.

17 June